The nature of the game means that no roulette system will guarantee you a win every round, but that doesn’t mean that a sound roulette strategy can’t help you to minimise your losses, or help you to chase that one big payoff the next time you play roulette online. This article will be giving you some great roulette tips focusing on the most popular systems many people use.

Flat betting is the first roulette strategy that we will be taking a look at, and it is simply betting the same amount every round, no matter the outcome. This can be used for any bet on the table and is a low risk, low reward system, you will never lose more than one bet at a time with this. To bring your winning percentage up, try only betting on the spots that have a 50% chance of winning, like red, black, odds, evens, or the halves.

Cover the table is a roulette system with a high risk, and a low reward. What you do is bet a single bet on many numbers, usually around 30 of them, and then hope that one of the numbers is called. If you win, the payout is 35 to 1, so you will be up 5 on a bet of 30, however, if you lose, that is a loss of 30 every time.

Double dozens or double columns has the player betting on two of either the “2 to 1” spots, or two of the dozens spots (1st, 2nd, or 3rd 12) with equal bets. This is a low risk, low reward strategy that will gain the player the amount of one of the bets in profit each time they win, but if they lose, they lose both bets. Luckily, since 24 numbers are bet on in this system the chance of winning is approximately 63%.

Martingale is probably the most popular roulette system being used today, as it is low risk, with low reward, but the numbers are in the player’s favour. This strategy, and all the rest to come only work on the squares that have a 50/50 chance of winning, and Martingale involves you doubling your bet on a loss until you win, then you go back to your original bet. This is a good roulette strategy to slowly grow your bank roll unless you go on a bad losing streak, then you can lose it all.

Reverse Martingale is exactly what it sounds like, just like above it uses the same system, but this time you would be doubling your bet on a win, and going back to the original bet on a loss. This is a high risk, high reward system that can either give you a big bank roll quickly or wipe you out quicker. If you are using this strategy, it is recommended that you know exactly when you want to call off your big bets on a winning streak.

Fortunately, the Paroli system does that for you. Using the same tactics as the Reverse Martingale roulette system, the Paroli system requires you to go back to your original bet after the third win, making it a medium risk, high reward system. This makes sure you don’t get too greedy and lose a large stack, but the payoffs won’t be as big if you get on a real hot streak.

The D’Alembert roulette strategy comes with a high risk for a low reward. It was made on the belief that if a coin is flipped and lands on “heads”, the next flip has a better chance of landing on “tails”. In this system, you increase your bet by the original bets amount on a loss. If you bet one and lost, you would bet two, then if you lose again, you would bet three the next round. On a win, however, you would take back the amount of the original bet, so if that three bet wins, your next bet would be two. This can be a good strategy, but if you get on a long losing streak, it can break the bank.

The Reverse D’Alembert is a medium risk, medium reward strategy that is actually a better option than the original. With this roulette strategy, you raise your bet on a win and lower it on a loss, which can lead to fairly large wins on a hot streak but doesn’t break the bank on a losing streak.