There is stiff competition from online casino sites for customers and this has to be approached wisely. This is the reason why you will find a lot of bonuses and other pleasantries to attract or keep customers. Different online casinos in the UK have got various types of bonuses, each site with its own unique casino bonus.

These bonuses also work differently and contain specific conditions to the players. The bonuses are a great opportunity for any interested poker player to start or even get motivated as they play. You should, however, know how to maximise your benefits from the casino bonuses by understanding the tricks, tips and the guidelines for different bonuses in every site.

Wagering Requirements Explained.

The most important thing when it comes to the free bonuses and money offered at the casinos concerns the Terms and Conditions. The conditions mostly come in form of game restrictions and wagering requirements to protect the bonuses. Wagering requirements are shown with a digit followed by an ‘x’- this dictates the number of times that you can stake or bet your amount before you can be able to cash your bonus. You can only cash out your bonus after converting it to real money. Other terms conditions depending on the casino site include the winning cup which is the highest amount of money that you can win with your bonuses, the number of bonuses that can be active at a time, and limitations on the time to complete the offers.

Bonus Categories

Bonuses come in various categories which every player should understand. They include cashable bonuses, sticky type I Bonuses and sticky type II bonuses. First, cashable bonuses can be cashed out but on only on the condition that you attain the wagering requirements for the games that you are allowed to play in conformity to the terms & conditions. In case you fail to complete the wagering, you risk losing your bonus or even your winnings if you request to withdraw. For this reason, it would be better if you contacted the customer support to guide you if you may not be sure of the extent of wagering you need to complete.

Secondly, the sticky type I bonuses can be used only for wagering, you can not withdraw it. You only cash out the winnings when you withdraw from the casino. Once you have withdrawn your winnings, the bonus is swiped out of your account forever. The advantage of this bonus is that your chances of completing the wagering requirements are higher since you are given the opportunity to wager. Thirdly, we have the sticky type II bonuses which are similar to the type I thought with a slight difference. The type II bonus still stays in your account even after you make a withdrawal. This gives you the opportunity to use it to wager more and also subsequently use the bonus hence increasing your chances of winning.

We also have non-deposit and deposit bonuses. You will receive a non-deposit bonus without the need to deposit money in your casino account and this mostly happens as an incentive to players registering at a casino for the first time. Deposit bonuses will only come after you deposit a certain amount, every site has their specific bonus percentage on the money deposited. These are the bonuses you can count on to build your bankroll and at the same time play games risk-free.

You should also understand that the online casino bonuses have got their own advantages and disadvantages. Knowing this will help you know how to play your cards right and avoid losing too much money and time. The biggest problem with such bonuses is that the wagering requirements are sometimes too high hence making it impossible to cash out your winnings in case you do not meet the requirements. This applies even to some no deposit bonuses. Another disadvantage is that you are restricted to some specific games. For the advantages, it is only worth if the wagering requirements are manageable so always read through the terms & conditions to see if this is possible.